Celebrating 15 Years at PF2

PF2 Health Clubs is the longest operating independent health and fitness company in Worcestershire and continues its welcoming approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle to the community after fifteen years.

At the turn of the century, public awareness of the benefits of keeping fit by eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise boomed – including the public’s understanding of the dire consequences of neglecting our health – which led to a rapid rise in consumer demand across the UK for exercise facilities. Richard and Rachel, through their 15 years of previous experience in the health and fitness industry recognised that not all gyms are inviting to all users.

The duo understood that many people recognised the benefits of exercise but felt alienated by the clubs currently on offer. Many of these people are shy, self-conscious and embarrassed about their weight, their age and may even feel intimidated by the frenetic, noisy and competitive atmosphere of many clubs.  They have doubts, reservations and in some cases, genuine fears about being accepted by the club or its members.

Founders Richard and Rachel Noble opened the first PF2 club in the picturesque town of Malvern in November 2003. Their key objective, to ensure that everyone is made to feel special and very welcome, irrespective of their size, age or ability at their new club.

PF2 quickly became a success and within 5 years they opened their second club in the beautifully regenerated Diglis Basin in November 2008.

The team and management are continuously working to encourage diversity in their clubs and to attract members of the local community who would not normally join a health and fitness club. Resulting in over 50 percent of PF2’s members never belonging to a health or fitness centre before joining PF2.

Richard Noble, managing director, explains the ethos that sets PF2 apart: “Despite the need to exercise, only fourteen per cent of the population currently belongs to a club. Statistically, these are most commonly; young, healthy and attractive people. Far from being inspirational for those with less than ideal physiques, they serve to remind lesser mortals just how unfit, overweight and old they are. Which, paradoxically, builds up resistance to do anything about it.

“Recent research has shown that half the women and two thirds of the men in the UK are overweight or obese and that half the population is now over 40. We want to offer opportunities to everyone to take exercise, control weight, get fit and stay well, so they can enjoy life again and, for people with low self-esteem, to make them feel better about themselves.”

“It is important that our customers feel comfortable.  We believe that the inclusive, affordable and intimidation-free approach that has been so successful will continue for years to come.”

Over the last 15 years, PF2 Health Clubs have provided work experience, employment and qualification opportunities through numerous apprenticeships, training programs and job roles for the local community. Being a family run business this has also included Richard and Rachels son Sam and daughter Mia who have grown up with PF2 and now both work within PF2 Health clubs as personal trainers, fitness class instructors and club management.

The club interior at both clubs, based in Malvern and Worcester, is relaxed and welcoming. It has been designed to create an atmosphere that enables members to feel comfortable whilst exercising, with appropriate lighting and music, thus achieving their desired goals.

PF2 membership is all inclusive with no long-term tie in periods or contracts.  There is a selection of over 50 classes and activities a week, including the internationally recognised Bodypump, Bodyattack and Spinning systems. Membership at PF2 includes access to both clubs as standard and PF2 staff are always on hand with advice and guidance. When new members join, they have an in-depth consultation with a fitness instructor to plan a programme tailored exactly to their individual needs.

Richard and Rachels vision culminated in the Malvern and Worcester clubs, with its many unique features, situated in convenient locations at the Malvern Shopping Park and the beautiful regenerated Diglis Basin, with free parking at both facilities, has proved to be a winning formula.

Richard adds “All this would never have been achieved without our fantastic staff and members over the past 15 years. We would like to give a huge thank you to all our staff, members and friends who have been such an integral part of our family and the success of PF2 Health Clubs.”

PF2 Health Clubs is looking forward to meeting new members and friends over the coming years as they look to flourish even further in their continued mission to spread the benefits of health and exercise to the local community.

If you would like to be a part of PF2’s inclusive family pop in to one of their clubs at any time for a free tour and day pass. Try out the club of your choice and see for yourself exactly what PF2 can do for you. To find out more information, see the exercise class timetables and to enquire visit www.pf2.co.uk today!